My radio pieces have appeared on All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, and This American Life.  They are listed here by date...

- GRANDPA'S BIRTH (4/19/10) on All Things Considered (ATC):  The story of my grandfather's life, as told in his 107-year-old birth certificate. Listen here.

- THE COLLECTOR (2/13/11) on This American Life:  Jake tells the story of a rare documents expert, John Reznikoff, who came into possession of some materials which—if authentic—would change history. Then things got complicated.  Click here to listen for free on the show's website.  Scroll down, it's the second act (32 minutes).  

- BED BUGS (11/19/10) on All Things Considered (ATC): Listen to my latest commentary on bed bugs, paranoia, and a very high-priced dog named Bugsy.  Listen here.

- NIGHT SOLDIERS (5/24/10) on All Things Considered (ATC): Check out my review of Alan Furst's novel, Night SoldiersClick here.

- A BOY'S HEART (2/17/10) on All Things Considered (ATC): Listen to the story of a young, aspiring Navy Seal who died and the man who got his heart.  This story took me six months to report.  Click here to listen and to see pictures on the NPR website.

- ZOMBIE SURVIVAL (12/23/09) on ATC: Listen to my latest commentary on zombies, obsession, and survival.  Click here to listen.

- FAME & FABRICATION (10/20/09) on ATC: What was Balloon Boy's dad thinking?  Click here to read.

- SURVIVAL BOOKS (8/25/09) on ATC: Listen to my latest commentary on three books which -- literally -- might just save your life.  Click here to listen.

- SWITCHED AT BIRTH (7/5/09) on This American Life:  On a summer day in 1951, two baby girls were born in a hospital in small-town Wisconsin. The infants were accidentally switched, and went home with the wrong families. One of the mothers realized the mistake but chose to keep quiet -- until the day, more than 40 years later, when she decided to talk. Click here to listen -- and then select 'Full Episode.'  (Running time 1 hour.) 

SIDEKICKS (6/24/09) on All Things Considered (ATC): A tribute to Ed McMahon, Sancho Panza, and sidekicks everywhere.  Click here.

THE DARK SIDE OF FAME (6/2/09) Read the text of Jake's latest commentary on Susan Boyle and the dark side of fame.  Click here.

MAD MEN (10/26/08) on ATC: How the TV show Mad Men helped me understand a paranoid chapter from my family's past.  Click here.

SHIPWRECKED (7/8/08) on ATC: Three books for the shipwreck-obsessed.  Click here.


- FAME JUNKIES SERIES: RULED BY ROD (2/10/08) on ATC: Marcy Braunstein claims that she is addicted to Rod Stewart.   Click here.

- FAME JUNKIES SERIES: ALMOST FAMOUS (2/17/08) on ATC: Meet the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants.   Click here.

- FAME JUNKIES SERIES: OSCAR DREAMS NEVER FADE AWAY (2/26/08) on ATC: Hal Riddle is pressing 90, but he still dreams of winning an Oscar.   Click here.

- A NEW GAME THAT'S GOOD -- TOO GOOD (8/3/06) on ATC: What happens when simulations in video games become too life like?   Click here.

THE WINDS OF WAR (12/2/05) on ATC:  A book that spans generations.  Click here.

OLD BOOTLEGS (8/29/05) on ATC: There is only one way to listen to the Grateful Dead.  Click here.

AGENT FOR THE DEAD (8/29/05) on ATC: Meet a Hollywood agent who exclusively represents dead celebrities.  Click here.

MY FICTIONAL FRIENDS (7/26/05) on ATC: What happens when your friendships exist only in your own head?.  Click here.

HOLLYWOOD MYTHOLOGY (6/17/05) on ATC: What does Hollywood gossip and Greek mythology have in common?  More than you'd think.  Click here.

ACQUIRED SITUATIONAL NARCISSISM (6/15/05) on ATC: What happens when your friendships exist only in your own head?.  Click here.

A CRIMINAL COINCIDENCE (6/1/05) on ATC: When you are reading a who-done-it novel, it is odd to discover that a character with your name, in your hometown, from your very own street is a suspect.  Click here.

BIKINI WAXER (3/29/05) on ATC: Meet Hollywood's hottest agent -- only she isn't an agent -- she's a bikini waxer.  Click here.

ROLLING OUT THE RED CARPET (1/25/05) on ATC: A story about the meaning of the Hollywood red carpets and an encounter with the guy who cuts, binds, and ships themClick here.

FAME SCHOOL (1/7/05) on ATC: Major League Baseball is sending its rookies back to school to learn about the dangers of fame.  Click here.

CHRISTMAS DAY MOVIES PRESENTS… (12/21/04) on ATC: I wasn't sure how to fit in with my new in laws, so I cast them as zombies in a movie.  Click here.

THE HOTDOG VENDOR & THE U.S. CONSTITUTION (11/15/04) on ATC: My dad, the hotdog vendor and Constitutional law professor, takes on the NFL.  Click here.

URBAN LEGENDS (5/25/04) on ATC: I didn't believe it until it happened to me.  Click here.

MY GRANDFATHER'S TRIP TO THE MOON (6/11/04) on ATC: He never made it, but maybe I will.  Click here.

- THE UNDERWATER TOWN (11/12/04) on ATC: What happens when your town becomes a modern-day Atlantis? Have a listen.
- TOWER OF THE ARCTIC (6/11/04) on ATC: An abandoned military base becomes a refuge for eccentric loners. Have a listen.
- THE LAST OF THE MALIBU HILLBILLIES (5/25/04) on ATC: Millie Decker never runs from a raging inferno. Have a listen.
- ISLAND OF THE STORM RIDERS (11/12/04) on ATC: Why run from a hurricane? Have a listen.
- LIFE ON AN ERUPTING VOLCANO (6/11/04) on ATC: It's just a little lava. Have a listen.