Fall 2014: Bad Paper: Chasing Debt from Wall Street to the Underworld --  My new book tells the true story of a former banker and a former armed robber who go into business together and purchase $1.5 billion worth of bad debt for pennies on the dollar.  All goes well until the debt is stolen...  Order the book now!

October 9, 2014Fresh Air on NPR -- Listen to the interview.  Click here

October 8, 2014Planet Money Podcast -- I co-host with Jacob Goldstein and together we interview characters from the book.  Click here

October 4, 2014New York Times Op-Ed -- I recount my experiences as a debt collector.  Click here. 

August 17: Cover of the New York Times Magazine -- BAD PAPER is excerpted as the cover story.  Click here to read.

August 16: Lead Segment on This American Life -- BAD PAPER is being featured as the lead segment this week.  Click here to listen.

August 15: Video Game Based on My Book -- It was created by Felix Salmon at Fusion.  You can play as the debtor or the debt collector.  Click here to play



Aaron turned his back on banking...
Teamed up with Brandon -- a very smart, former armed robber...
And set out to make a fortune in the Great Recession...
This is their story: Bad Paper (Nonfiction) 10/14/2014