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May 2015:  Bank of the Underworld (The Atlantic Monthly)In 2006, Arthur Budovsky launched a digital currency system called Liberty Reserve. It took off, and was soon processing millions of transactions. Budovsky says he just wanted to modernize banking. Prosecutors claim he ran a massive money-laundering operation that helped criminals around the world move $6 billion in dirty money. Read my latest article in the Atlantic Monthly.

Fall 2014: Bad Paper: Chasing Debt from Wall Street to the Underworld --  My new book tells the true story of a former banker and a former armed robber who go into business together and purchase $1.5 billion worth of bad debt for pennies on the dollar.  All goes well until the debt is stolen...  Order the book now!  

Read my article in The Atlantic Monthly.
Arthur Budovsky wanted to transform banking...
Prosecutors say he laundered billions of dollars...