November 27, 2016: Will Guys With Guns Replace the Agency Elizabeth Warren Created? (New York Times - Opinion): The world that I described in my book, Bad Paper, may soon be thriving again under a Trump presidency.  (Click here to read.)

November 14, 2016: Sneak Peak at My New Novel (Entertainment Weekly):  My new novel, Edgeland, will be out in May.  Entertainment Weekly just ran a teaser on it.  (Click here to see.

October 2016: The Mixing Magic of Halloween (The Wall Street Journal):  I live in a city divided by race and class. But trick-or-treaters roam free, ignoring barriers.  (Click here to read.

August 2016:  The Hunt for Nazi Gold (The New Yorker Radio Hour):  While I was in Poland, reporting my "Nazi Underground" story for the magazine, I also made a 20-minute radio documentary.  It just aired on the New Yorker Radio Hour.  Listen here

June 2016:  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO):   I appeared on John Oliver's show to talk about my book, Bad Paper.  You can watch by clicking here.

My bestselling novel, Nightfall, came out last fall.
The companion novel, Edgeland, comes out in May...
Read a sneak peak in Entertainment Weekly...