January, 2017: Welcome to the New World (The New York Times)Check out my latest project -- a true graphic novel -- about a Syrian family in the U.S. It's currently on the front page of the New York Times website. My narrative will run regularly in the NYT for the next few months. I follow the lives of a family of Syrian refugees who landed in the U.S. on Election Day. I was there and met them when they landed and have been following their lives ever since. My illustrator, Michael Sloan, did an amazing job recreating their world visually.  (Click here to see.

January, 2017: Mirrors (Snap Judgment): My new NPR story on a mom who made her own Ebola suit -- MacGyver style -- and saved her son's life.  (Click here to listen.)

November, 2016 Sneak Peak at My New Novel (Entertainment Weekly):  My new novel, Edgeland, will be out in May.  Entertainment Weekly just ran a teaser on it.  (Click here to see.

They came from Syria and arrived on Election Day...
Follow my graphic narrative in the New York Times...